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Dosbarth Tegid Bach - Nursery

Welcome to Nursery

The Nursery Staff would like to take this opportunity to welcome everybody to their first year at Ysgol Deiniol.

A note for Parents and Carers....

We want to make attending school as easy as possible for your child. You can help them by:

  • Please make sure jumper/cardigans and all other clothing including shoes and coats have your child's name in. Children are encouraged to look after their own clothing, we are here to help but unfortunately items can sometimes become mixed up as we do have a lot of children attending our setting.

  • Singing songs and rhymes, especially number rhymes, reading stories and playing games with your child.

  • Asking your child about their time in Nursery and letting them share their experiences with you.

  • Ensuring your child is here by 8.50am. If they are ill, please notify school.

  • We currently charge £1.50 per week for snack. This equates to 30p per day. 


While attending Nursery all children will be expected to:

* Use their manners

* Try their best

* Listen when someone is speaking

* Join in with class activities

* Help to tidy up

* Be a good friend

* Keep their hands and feet to themselves


Things your child will need in Nursery:


A book bag - for any pictures they make or important information from school

A coat - we go outside to learn and play even if it is raining

A drinks bottle - if each child has their own bottle with their name on, they are able to get a drink throughout each session

*Please put your child's name on everything*



Our topic this term is ‘All About Me’. If your child has any books or objects related to this topic, they are welcome to bring them in to show the other children. Please do not send in anything valuable or breakable. The children will be able to choose from a wide range of activities across the seven areas of the learning, both inside and outdoors.

Letters and sounds:

During our first half term the children will be taking part in lots of fine motor activities, this is to help strengthen their fingers and make them familiar with the movements needed for pencil control.The children will begin participating in Read, Write, Inc sessions during the second half term. They will be learning letters, the sounds that they make and using their fine motor skills to write the sounds/letter down.


To help the children learn their numbers and number order we will be singing lots songs and Nursery Rhymes containing numbers and counting.


A healthy snack and milk will be provided for your child on a daily basis. If your child does not like milk we will give them water.


If your child is absent from school, please ring the office to let them know the reason, 01978 353760. If, for any reason you are late arriving in the morning the side gate may already be locked, please go to the main door, where the school secretary can register your child’s attendance.

Junk modelling:

The children enjoy making models out of cardboard boxes and junk. If you have any of the following at home, we would be grateful if you could bring them in. Kitchen roll inners, cereal boxes, yoghurt pots, egg boxes, small boxes, corks, buttons, wool, scraps of material or any other clean junk.

Beginning and end of the Session:

The doors open at 8.50 am. Please let us know if an adult other than yourself is picking up your child from Nursery. You can do this by either speaking to the member of staff on the infant yard or ringing the office.


We really, really, really enjoy messy play in the nursery! We use creative materials within the indoor and outdoor environment and encourage the children to use their imaginations and have fun. Wherever possible we protect clothing with wellies, aprons or waterproof clothing however accidents do still sometimes happen!


We break up for half term week on Friday 22nd October and return back to school on Tuesday 2nd November.


Thank you for your support! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!


The Nursery Team

Miss Prescott

Mrs Walton

Mrs Scott

Mrs Greenhalgh


Please, please, please make sure you sign up to your child's Seesaw account. I will update as much as possible through this app as I think it is a great window for you to be able to see into your child's day. If you have misplaced your QR code let me know as I have a record of all the children's codes in class.