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Estyn Inspection Report

During our last successful Inspection ESTYN found that we were:


"Leaders place a high value on pupils’ wellbeing and challenge them to achieve high standards. The school has robust systems for monitoring its work and, has a clear picture of its strengths and areas that require improvement. The school has a good track record of making improvements."


"Nearly all pupils feel safe, well cared for and valued. They demonstrate respect and tolerance towards each other in classes and on the playground. The positive interaction and strong levels of collaboration amongst pupils of all ages, at work and play, is a strong feature of the school. Most pupils are kind and caring towards each other and this is especially evident through the school’s lunchtime buddy system."


"Teachers provide exciting and engaging learning activities that motivate and enthuse pupils successfully. All teachers adopt a flexible approach to planning and take account of pupils’ interests well. They use activities at the start of the day effectively for pupils to recap on their prior learning and to practise different skills."

Please find below our most recent inspection report.